Tips to grow your instagram following

Instagram tips to grow your following. Remember you are going against the Insta algorithm so you have to play that game. (Unless you are famous or very good looking of course) 


  1. Consistent posting
  2. Post atleast once a day
  3. Take clear crisp pictures
  4. Try not to use the same pictures over and over again.
  5. Use 30 hashtags on every post ( especially when smaller and trying to grow) use relevant hashtags
  6. Don't always use hashtags with millions of uses your post will get lost faster.
  7. Try to find local creative hashtags for your work as well. 
  8. Follow accounts that are like yours and interact in the comments of those posts.
  9. Try to respond to every comment on your posts. 
  10. Do trial and error to find the best time to post your images. 
  11. Create DM groups of like minded people who will like your posts and you will go like theirs. (This help with the new algorithm)
  12. Make Instagram stories everyday! 
  13. DM Larger accounts to see if they will share your work. (Lots of these accounts charge for posts but some don't) 
  14. Pic something you are passionate about that will make the daily posting not so much a chore.
  15. Never buy followers or likes. It doesn't pay off in the long run when trying to build an audience. 
  16. Use filters on your photos!
  17. Follow me WINK

Want a better way to promote your art on Instagram?

Lots of creatives are trying to find ways to promote their artwork on social media. I have compiled a list of some art sharing sites on Instagram that can help you achieve this goal. (some sites do charge for posts and others post for free)

*Bonus few tips at the bottom of the post.

Design sharing Accounts


     2.   Graphicdesignblg

     3.   Thedesigntip

     4.   Graphicdesigncentral


     6.   Graphicgang

Type sharing accounts

  1. Typetopia
  2. Type.gang
  3. Calligritype
  4. Goodtype
  5. Thedailytype
  6. Typeverything

Art sharing accounts

  1. Imaginationarts
  2. Art_spotlight
  3. Arts_help
  4. Artspotted
  5. Artscrowds
  6. Arts.hub

Simple tips to grow your account.

(tips I have learned from others)

  1. Post daily  (at least)  the new algorithm demands consistent posting or you get lost
  2. Comment and interact on other art accounts
  3. Create  DM groups to help build your accounts
  4. Use hashtags and use all 30 (every post)
  5. Use Instagram stories ( creative process videos do well)
  6. Be passionate about what you are posting it shows